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Quantitative Article Review - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1548 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Education Essay Type Analytical essay Did you like this example? Quantitative Article Review Contents Abstract: Introduction: Discussion: Research Question/Hypothesis: Purpose or the context of the study: Population Sample: Research Design: Methods of Data Collection: Data Analysis Methods: Philosophical Framework: Critical Analysis: Conclusion: . Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Quantitative Article Review" essay for you Create order Abstract: The current article does an analysis of the research which has been made on introducing new technologies in the realm of education. The Faculty members of the College of Education were the chosen sample. The discussion opens with an introduction on artier explaining its details. Next the discussion illustrates the research question, after which we see that the purpose of the study is explained after which the sample population is analyzed. The way of conducting the research is next explained and the methods of collection of data are also analyzed. In the subsequent part of the discussion illustrates the philosophical background that did initiate the discussion and later in the critical analysis part we see that the limitations are discussed. Introduction: In the current article we will be reviewing the article à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Analysis of Predictive Factors that influence Faculty Membersà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ technology Adoption levelà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  by the authors Ismail Sahin of the Selcuk University, Meram, Konya Turkey and Ann Thompson of Iowa State University Ames, IA USA. The article was published in the journal JI. Of Technology and Teacher Education (2007) 15(2), 167 à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" 190. The article within its scope deals with the facet of various technological tools that happens to be adopted by the teachers in the process of their teaching that happens to be bringing an edge to their teaching skills in the current era of innovative technology. Discussion: Research Question/Hypothesis: The article through its scope did investigate the tendency of the teachers who are in the process of adoption of new technology and tools in the process of teaching. The level of acceptance o the new technology is to be discerned on the basis of the certain parameters such as the demographic considerations of the faculty members, experience with the computer, the role of instructional hardware in the process of teaching and the methods that the faculty members will be employing themselves in the process of learning about the new technology. The research question in this case will be referring to basic and certain parameters that a faculty member must observe and must be possessing so that they could adapt themselves to the new technology that is to be mastered in the process. In short it could be said that the research question will try to underline the exact facet that the faculty member must be possessing that will be making them the most conducive towards the new technological k nowhow. Purpose or the context of the study: The study tries to illustrate the fact that in the current age of technology every aspect of the human life is touched by the feature of innovative technology. In fact it is this element of technology that has really added much to the dynamism of the human life and society. In this case we again see that the education segment happens to be no different. It has been witnessed by the observers and the scholars that the entry of different types of technology has in fact really revolutionized the whole education and the academic system and we see that various types of new technologies are being increasingly incorporated within the education system. It is in the context of the same that the teaching faculty needs to become the entire more adept in using different types of technologies and innovative tools. Population Sample: Ismail Sahin and Ann Thompson in their endeavor to trace the adoption of new technologies by the teaching faculty did take a sample of professors from the College of Education better known as COE which is a large Midwestern University in the US where the faculty members are given questionnaire on the said topic that will be containing their answers. It is their answers that will be further analyzed and evaluated that will be bringing out their adaptability to the new technologies in the process of teaching. The total number of teachers who did happens to constitute the sample population were total 87 in number out of which 43 did respond to the provided questionnaire. Statistics do reveal that nearly 50% of the sample population did come up with answers. Research Design: The Figures 1 and 2 in the given article happens to be illustrating adoption rate amongst the teachers as in the given situation of the new online services and the new technologies that they are to get accustomed to in the process of teaching and imparting instruction. In this case we see that the author has adopted the Learning adoption Trajectory model that did happens to be the protagonist central theoretical model that happens to be serving as the illustrating structure on which the thesis has been based. Once again the level of the adoption rate of the teachers of the new technologies are illustrated through the help of distinct and different stages that explains the process through which the teachers got used to the new technologies, mastered the same and also taught the same to the others who were their students. The teachers of the College of Education had been chosen who had been taken as the sample population for the research. Methods of Data Collection: The researchers Ann Thompson and Ismail Sahin did use the method of primary data collection in which we see that the authors did choose a particular batch of teachers who are teaching as faculty members in a University in the US College of Education. The authors did in the process choose a selection of queries that had been compiled together to make a questionnaire and see to the fact that the questions did generate response from the faculty members on certain and four very different and distinct genres of information. Hence in the process the authors did employ the style of primary source data collection that is information collection from individuals whose experience and knowledge and situation is relevant for the research and collecting their feedback through the tool of a questionnaire. However the entire sample population did not react or respond to the whole of the query sheets or the prepared questionnaires. Data Analysis Methods: The data that had been derived from the answers to the questionnaire that had been provided to the 87 faculty members of the College of Education in the US, as a part of the investigation process, did opine that the various teachers and the faculty member did have their own pace and reaction rate to the question and answers. In this case we also see that can be derived from the bar graphs and the tables that the frequency of each of the member to accept and adopt the new teaching method and technology did differ from each other and also the fact that each of the teachers and the faculty member did undergo nearly five stages that defined their own reception index of the technology. Philosophical Framework: The research that has been undertaken seems to be in vogue with the current state of affairs that can be observed in the general sense. In this case we see that the researcher clearly states that in the current era of technology and an increased use of the computers and the other systems and machines education as a field again essentially happens to be more and more and increasingly dependent on the new technological systems. As a result of the same we see that the new technology is finding its way into the education system and the academics is becoming all the more techno friendly and new gadgets are being used to make the education all the more easy, convenient and interesting that could teach the students through the help of vision, sound and super and special effects of both. Hence it becomes all the more imperative that the teachers also gets a grasp of the new and the modern technologies and of employing the same in the field of education that will be helping the students to understand the lessons better. Critical Analysis: The research has been conducted in a very systematic way and definitely deals with a very contemporary situation and problem. In fact this is again the crying need in every institution irrespective of the stream specialization. In this case we see that the author has employed a particular style that has been adopted to understand that how well the sample population does happens to get accustomed to the new technology. However in response to the same it could be said that the selectiveness of the criteria of evaluation and the streamlined or narrow scope of the sample population could be considered to be a problem for the researcher where the said factors are but limitations that could have had influenced the end results of the research. Conclusion: The researchers Ismail Sahin and Ann Thompson did find a strong trace of the requirement of bringing in new technologies within the realm of the teaching arena. This facet of the new and the modern technology will not just make the whole education system a lot more in sync with the rest of the outside world but at the same time we see that learning as a field will become more welcoming for both the teachers and the students.

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Comics A Better Means To An Artistic End Essay - 1968 Words

Comics: A Better Means To An Artistic End If a line of symmetry were to be drawn down the center of the paper, it would seem that each character rests within his environment about to collide with the other. Even without words, a vivid story begins to formulate in my mind, and hopefully I share the artists vision. Comic book art is the Pez dispenser of modernism. The aesthetics of this accessible medium walk side by side with pop culture. No other art form can reach so many people due to its incredible volume. Each Wednesday of every week brings new issues of titles that have been in circulation for decades. Despite the vast numbers that arrive at retailers each month and the respect they sometimes receive (like Art Speigelmans†¦show more content†¦By simplifying the subject matter enough, the artist makes a representation that can apply to everyone. Perhaps those who identify with Charlie Brown can do so because of his lack of detailed, discernible features. Charlie Brown can look like any one of us, representing universal low self-esteem. Mike Allred represents the population of comic artists who use the most simplistic style of symbols. The piece that I have chosen to look at is a pin-up he did for a collection of short Batman stories. A pin-up gives the artist complete freedom to express human nature through one image without a plot that needs to conform to the characters continuity. The villain in this isolated battle is surrounded by symbols. Although I have never actually seen a standard alarm clock set on sticks of dynamite, I know this symbol means a time bomb. And the proximity of the little hand of the clock to its starting point probably means that Batman has little time left. I realize that the color of cigarette smoke does not resemble the color of human skin, but in this context I see that the uniformity of color of the smoke and the characters skin should be disregarded. The individual lines of the drawing play an important role during interpretation. One editor states, Its in the inking stage that Ted [ McKeever] transforms his calm and orderly pencils into the high-contrast world of nightmare and noir (Crain 62). TheShow MoreRelatedJapan Is a Better Environment than the US for Inspiring Indpendent Creators2331 Words   |  9 PagesComiket was established. Comiket, the Japanese abbreviation of Comic Market started small with 32 circles and about 700 people in attendance but today has 35,000 circles and about 500,000 attendants. It is, â€Å"A marketplace where individuals can offer their own self-produced creations to a community that appreciate and supports such creative personal activities.† (1) These creations are known as dÃ… jinshi and dÃ… jin, and can be used to mean to any independently created and released works not just mangaRead MoreThe Distribution Of The Studio System2750 Words   |  11 Pagesbeen in the business for very long time and has shaped the industry. Most companies in hollywood are economically driven rathern than artisticly driven, therefore wh ilst making films it is in the company’s best interest to make more money. For the better understanding of the issua it is important to look at the history of the conglomoration throughout the film history and then to use a case study for futher more detailed research. Marvel Cinematic Univerves can serve as a great case study to understandRead MoreOriginal Work Of Dc Comics Copyright2437 Words   |  10 PagesBatmobile is the original work of DC Comics, the district court told Towle he was wrong by saying that DC Comics does maintain a copyright for the Batmobile as it appears in both the 1966 television series and the 1989 film based on their rights to merchandising and because the appearance and idea originated in the comic books (, para. 13). The district court than put this Batman fight to an end by stating that Towle did infringe on DC Comics copyright because of how he replicatedRead MoreRosencrantz Guildenstern Are Dead, A Satirical Piece That Par odies Hamle921 Words   |  4 Pages The purpose of satire is to point out human flaws in a humorous way in order to instruct and possibly change humanity. A parody is a literary or artistic work that imitates the characteristic styles of an author or a work for comic affect or ridicule. Rosencrantz Guildenstern Are Dead is a satirical piece of work that parodies Hamlet, especially in terms of death, a common theme in both. These two plays take different views on death portrayed by the protagonists of each: either Hamlet or RosencrantzRead MorePop Art And The Pop Culture1616 Words   |  7 Pagesour culture. Pop art wasn’t something an everyday person with no artistic background would find hard to interpret because the image was something the person was familiar with. I think the pop art movement took place because its artists wanted to show that they could illustrate the mass culture using popular imagery and to show that these images were also art forms in their own way. Popular imagery are things like advertisements, comic books, labels, logos and everyday objects that we see and use everydayRead MoreBeing An Artist Of The Modern World Essay2172 Words   |  9 Pagescontribute to society all while doing a job that they love. One thing that young artists struggle with is becoming inspired or becoming motivated to create. Often times they turn towards the artists they look up, such as Disney animators or Marvel comic book artists, so that they can find inspiration in a professional’s achievements. Neil Gaiman is one of those professional artists that people look up to. Gaiman prepared a speech for the 2012 graduating class of the University of the Arts in PhiladelphiaRead MoreA Brief Note On The Film Dashing Into Animation 1201 Words   |  5 Pagesknow that I will have to face many obstacles on my journey to a successful career in animation and it can be hard working in the animation industry because of the fact that this is a competitive career with some low quality studios that end up going bankrupt, which means people without jobs. It is vital to know the issues and conflicts that arises when entering this field, because I’ll know ahead of time to be mindful of Strategizing, the rules a nd regulation, how to deal with a computer and how to surviveRead MoreA Brief History of the Film Industry1268 Words   |  5 Pagesmovies and it developed to be recorded onto plastic film and shown by a movie projector on a large screen in a place called theatre or cinema. With the coming of the narratives in movies Thomas Edison thought that films could become better and developed with adding some artistic use of camera placement and editing. Furthermore, they found the new way of editing movies which is montage. Montage is the way of editing the movie and add sounds, effects and cutting the scenes. Hollywood if the U.S. usuallyRead MoreIntroduction to Typography Essay3978 Words   |  16 Pagesbody of a text, such as the text of a book. Italic Unlike roman type, italic type is set at an angle, and is generally slanting to the right from bottom to top. Italics isn’t a standard typeface and are specifically developed for a font which means that letters may be significantly different from its roman counterpart in order to improve its appearance and readability. Italics are not to be confused with oblique type, which is the roman type, slanted at an angle without altering the font. Read More1.The Merchant of Venice as a Tragicomedy. 2. The justification of Shylocks actions in The Merchant of Venice. 3.The contrast between Belmont and Venice in The Merchant of Venice2296 Words   |  10 Pagesof dramatic structure, The Merchant of Venice is undoubtedly a comedy. It follows the typical upward trajectory of comedy (beginning complication to ending resolution}. Act 1 introduces the plays main complication, but it also sets the tone for comic expectation by establishing upward rhythm of comedy in each of its three scenes. Antonio and Portias melancholy are shortly alleviated by appropriate distractions hope. Bassanio hopes to thrive, Antonio tries to help his friend, Portia will not

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The Secret Circle The Power Chapter One Free Essays

â€Å"Diana, I have a little surprise for you,† Faye said. Diana’s emerald eyes, with their thick sooty lashes, were swimming already. She still hadn’t recovered from the shocks of tonight, and her face was strained as she stared at Faye. We will write a custom essay sample on The Secret Circle: The Power Chapter One or any similar topic only for you Order Now Well, there was worse to come. Now that it was finally going to happen, Cassie felt a curious sense of freedom. No more hiding, no more lying and evading. The nightmare was here at last. â€Å"I suppose I should have told you before, but I didn’t want to upset you,† Faye was saying. Her eyes burned golden with a savage inner fire. Adam, who wasn’t stupid, glanced from Cassie to Faye and obviously came to a quick, if shattering, conclusion. He swiftly cupped a hand under Diana’s elbow. â€Å"Whatever it is can wait,† he said. â€Å"Cassie ought to go and see her mother, and – â€Å" â€Å"No, it can’t wait, Adam Conant,† Faye interrupted. â€Å"It’s time Diana found out what sort of people she has around her.† Faye whirled to face Diana again, her pale skin glowing with strange elation against the midnight-dark mane of her hair. â€Å"The ones you’ve chosen,† she said to her cousin. â€Å"Your dearest friend – and him. The incorruptible Sir Adam. Do you want to know the reason you couldn’t make it as leader? Do you want to know how naive you really are?† Everyone was gathering close now, staring. Cassie could see varying degrees of bewilderment and suspicion in their expressions. The full moon shining from the west was so bright that it cast shadows, and it illuminated every detail of the scene. Cassie looked at each of them: tough Deborah, beautiful Suzan with her perfect face marred by a puzzled frown, cool Melanie, and graceful, elfin Laurel. She looked at Chris and Doug Henderson, the wild twins, who were standing by the slinking figure of Sean, and at icily handsome Nick behind them. Finally she looked at Adam. He was still holding Diana’s arm, but his proud, arresting face was tense and alert. His eyes met Cassie’s and something like understanding flashed between them, and then Cassie looked away, ashamed. She had no right to lean on Adam’s strength. She was about to be exposed for what she was in front of the entire Circle. â€Å"I kept hoping they would do the decent thing and control themselves,† Faye said. â€Å"For their own sake, if not yours. But, obviously – â€Å" â€Å"Faye, what are you talking about?† Diana interrupted, her patience splintering. â€Å"Why, about Cassie and Adam, of course,† Faye said, slowly opening her golden eyes wide. â€Å"About how they’ve been fooling around behind your back.† The words fell like stones into a tranquil pool. There was a long moment of utter silence, then Doug Henderson threw back his head and laughed. â€Å"Yeah, an’ my mom’s a topless dancer,† he jeered. â€Å"And Mother Teresa’s really Catwoman,† said Chris. â€Å"Come on, Faye,† Laurel said sharply. â€Å"Don’t be ridiculous.† Faye smiled. â€Å"1 don’t blame you for not believing me,† she said. â€Å"I was shocked too. But you see, it all started before Cassie came to New Salem. It started when she met Adam down on Cape Cod.† The silence this time had a different quality. Cassie saw Laurel look quickly at Melanie. Everyone knew that Cassie had spent several weeks on the Cape last summer. And everyone knew that Adam had been down in that area too, looking for the Master Tools. Cassie saw the dawning of startled understanding on the faces around her. â€Å"It all started on the beach there,† Faye went on. She was obviously enjoying herself, as she always enjoyed being the center of attention. She looked sexy and commanding as she wet her lips and spoke throatily, addressing the entire group although her words were meant for Diana. â€Å"It was love at first sight, I guess – or at least they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. When Cassie came up here she even wrote a poem about it. Now how did that go?† Faye tilted her head to one side and recited: â€Å"Each night I lie and dream about the one Who kissed me and awakened my desire I spent a single hour with him alone And since that hour, my days are laced with fire.† â€Å"That’s right; that was her poem,† Suzan said. â€Å"1 remember. We had her in the old science building and she didn’t want us to read it.† Deborah was nodding, her petite face twisted in a scowl. â€Å"I remember too.† â€Å"You may also remember how strange they both acted at Cassie’s initiation,† Faye said. â€Å"And how Raj seemed to take to Cassie so quickly, always jumping up on her and licking her and all. Well, it’s very simple really – it’s because they’d known each other before. They didn’t want any of us to know that, of course. They tried to hide it. But eventually they got caught. It was the night we first used the crystal skull in Diana’s garage – Adam was taking Cassie home, I guess. I wonder how that got arranged.† Now it was the turn of Laurel and Melanie to look startled. Clearly they remembered the night of the first skull ceremony, when Diana had asked Adam to walk Cassie home, and Adam, after a brief hesitation, had agreed. â€Å"They thought they were alone on the bluff – but somebody was watching. Two little somebodies, two little friends of mine . . .† Lazily, Faye worked her fingers, with their long, scarlet-tipped nails, as if stroking something. A flash of comprehension lighted Cassie’s mind. The kittens. The damned little bloodsucking kittens that lived wild in Faye’s bedroom. Faye was saying the kittens were her spies? That she could communicate with them? Cassie felt a chill at her core as she looked at the tall, darkly beautiful girl, sensing something alien and deadly behind those hooded golden eyes. She’d wondered all along who Faye had meant when she talked about her â€Å"friends† who saw things and reported back to her, but she’d never imagined this. Faye smiled in feline satisfaction and nodded at her. â€Å"I have lots of secrets,† she said directly to Cassie. â€Å"That’s only one of them. But anyway,† she said to the rest of the group, â€Å"it was that night they got caught. They were – well, kissing. That’s the polite way to put it. The kind of kissing that starts spontaneous combustion. I suppose they just couldn’t resist their lustful passions any longer.† She sighed. Diana was looking at Adam now, looking for a denial. But Adam, his jaw set, was staring straight ahead at Faye. Diana’s lips parted with the quick intake of her breath. â€Å"And it wasn’t the only time, I’m afraid,† Faye continued, examining her nails with an expression of demure regret. â€Å"They’ve been doing it ever since, stealing secret moments when you weren’t looking, Diana. Like at the Homecoming dance – what a pity you weren’t there. They started kissing right in the middle of the dance floor. I guess maybe they went somewhere more private afterward †¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"That’s not true,† Cassie cried, realizing even as she said it that she was virtually confirming that everything else Faye had said was true. Everyone was looking at Cassie now, and there was no more jeering from the Hendersons. Their tilted blue-green eyes were focused and intent. â€Å"I wanted to tell you,† Faye said to Diana, â€Å"but Cassie just begged me not to. She was hysterical, crying and pleading – she said she would just die if you found out. She said she’d do anything. And that,† Faye sighed, looking off into the distance, â€Å"was when she offered to get me the skull.† â€Å"What?† said Nick, his normally imperturbable face reflecting disbelief. â€Å"Yes.† Faye’s eyes dropped to her nails again, but she couldn’t keep a smile from curling the corners of her lips. â€Å"She knew I wanted to examine the skull, and she said she’d get it for me if I didn’t tell. Well, what could I do? She was like a crazy person. I just didn’t have the heart to refuse her.† Cassie sank her teeth into her lower lip. She wanted to scream, to protest that it hadn’t been that way . . . but what was the use? Melanie was speaking. â€Å"And I suppose you didn’t have the heart to refuse the skull, either,† she said to Faye, her gray eyes scornful. â€Å"Well †¦Ã¢â‚¬  Faye smiled deprecatingly. â€Å"Let’s put it this way – it was just too good a chance to miss.† â€Å"This isn’t funny,† Laurel cried. She looked stricken. â€Å"I still don’t believe it – â€Å" â€Å"Then how do you think she knew where to dig up the skull tonight?† Faye said smoothly. â€Å"She stayed over at your house, Diana, the night we traced the dark energy to the cemetery. And she snuck around and figured out where the skull was buried by reading your Book of Shadows – but only after she stole the key to the walnut cabinet and checked there.† Gleeful triumph shone out of Faye’s golden eyes; she couldn’t conceal it any longer. And nobody in the group could deny the truth of Faye’s words any longer. Cassie had known where to dig up the skull. There was no way to get around that. Cassie could see it happening in face after face: the ending of disbelief and the slow beginning of grim accusation. It’s like The Scarlet Letter, Cassie thought wildly as she stood apart with all of them looking at her. She might as well be standing up on a platform with an A pinned to her chest. Helplessly, she straightened her back and tried to hold her chin level, forcing herself to look back at the group. I will not cry, she thought. I will not look away. Then she saw Diana’s face. Diana’s expression was beyond stricken. She seemed simply paralyzed, her green eyes wide and blank and shattered. â€Å"She swore to be loyal and faithful to the Circle, and never to harm anyone inside it,† Faye was saying huskily. â€Å"But she lied. I suppose it’s not surprising, considering she’s half outsider. Still, 1 think it’s gone on long enough; she and Adam have had enough time to enjoy themselves. So now you know the truth. And now,† Faye finished, looking over the ravaged members of the Circle, and especially her deathly still cousin, with an air of thoughtful gratification, â€Å"we’d probably better be getting home. It’s been a long night.† Lazily, smiling faintly, she started to move away. â€Å"No.† It was a single word, but it stopped Faye in her tracks and it made everyone else turn toward Adam. Cassie had never seen his blue-gray eyes look this way before – they were like silver lightning. He moved forward with his usual easy stride. There was no violence in the way he caught Faye’s arm, but the grip must have been like iron – Cassie could tell that because Faye couldn’t get away from it. Faye looked down at his fingers in offended surprise. â€Å"You’ve had your turn,† Adam said to her. His voice was carefully quiet, but the words dropped from his lips like chips of white-hot steel. â€Å"Now it’s mine. And all of you† – he swung around on the group, holding them in place with his gaze – â€Å"are going to listen.† How to cite The Secret Circle: The Power Chapter One, Essay examples

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Employment Law Personal Information Protection Act

Question: Discuss about theEmployment Lawfor Personal Information Protection Act. Answer: Origin Before any act is formed, a bill is introduced, which then is converted into the Act. The Bill for PIPA was introduced on 14th May, 2003 in the Alberta Legislature. The act came into being on 01st January, 2004. This act was brought into force as there was a requirement to monitor the manner in which the personal information of the individuals was used by different organizations (Government of Alberta, 2017). This act was formed to govern the collection, usage, as well as, the disclosure of the private/ personal information by such organizations. Moreover, there was also a need to protect the rights of the individuals, which they have regarding their own information, in addition to the need of the organizations for collecting, using and disclosing such information for genuine reasons. Each act goes through changes in form of amendments and with this act too, it was the same case. This act has been amended 4 times since it was formed and on 18th November, 2014, it received its last amendment. The amendment was to allow the usage, collection and disclosure of the personal information by the trade unions, without any sort of consent, in order to inform the public on such matters which are considered as significant for dispute of labor relations or is important in the interest of the general public (Government of Alberta, 2017). In order to resolve the disputes in a quick way, this amendment was made, as without requirement of consent, the time would not be wasted in attainment of such consent. Scope Being a private sector law regarding privacy, PIPA is applicable to the private sector organizations, which are within the territorial boundaries of Alberta. There are cases when the act applies to the non-profit organizations as well, in order to protect the information and to provide the individuals the right to access and safeguard their personal information. This act is not applicable on the public bodies like the government departments or the municipalities. On such public bodies, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act is applicable (Government of Alberta, 2016). The applicability over the non-profit organizations is quite narrow. Section 56(1) of this act provides that the non-profit organization, for the purposes of this act includes the organizations which are incorporated under the Agricultural Societies Act, the Societies Act, or such which are registered under Part 9 of the Companies Act, which meet the criteria stated in the regulations (Alberta Queens Printer, 2014). Purpose and Overview of the Act The act came into being to govern and oversee the manner in which the personal/ private information of the individuals was handled by the various organizations. In order to balance the requirement of the organizations to use, collect and disclose the personal information of the individuals with the protection of such private information of the individuals, this act was made. Moreover, it had to be seen that the information was used for legitimate, genuine and rationale reasons only. Through this act, the individuals, whose information is used, are given the right to question the organizations in the manner in which the information is disclosed or used. They also get the right to ask for the corrections to be made, in such cases where a mistake is apparently made regarding their personal information (Law Society of Alberta, 2010). There are many important provisions in this act, through which, the purpose of this act is fulfilled. Some of major provisions of this act include the collection of the private information of the individuals for genuine purposes; the need for consent for the collection of such information, except when there are provisions applicable which give away with this requirement; the personal information has to be accurate and complete in all manners; limit for the use, access and disclosure of this information; and the procedures and policies which are to be followed in cases of breach of privacy (Alberta Queens Printer, 2014). The OIPC, which stands for Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, is responsible in Alberta, for governing and overseeing any privacy legislation (Government of Alberta, 2012). Being privacy legislation, PIPA is governed by OIPC (OIPC, 2008). Employment Related Situations First Situation Under 21(2) of this act, the permission is given to the organizations to provide the reference for any of the current or former employees to the public or private sector employees in certain cases (Service Alberta, 2010). One of the employees of G organization applied for a job in H organization. G could provide the employment reference to H, when asked for the same, without any kind of consent from the employee. But, G cannot rely over this section to disclose the Social Insurance number to H without the express consent of the employee. Even though this information has been collected as being personal information of the employee, but the disclosure of the Social Insurance Number is not needed in determining if the employee is suitable for the position in H. this is because section 15(1) states that information has to be disclosed for reasonable purposes only. So, in case G reveals this information to H, it would be a breach of this act and the penalties stated under this act, would apply (Service Alberta, 2010). Second Situation Under section 58 of PIPA, the organizations are prohibited from denying the benefits to the employee or taking any adverse actions against the employee, when the employee acts in good faith or with reasonable belief while doing certain things, for instance, informing the Commissioner regarding the contravention provision(s) of PIPA (Service Alberta, 2010). An employee D informs to the OIPC that his employer has shredded some of records of an employee P, after a request was made by the employee P to access his records. By destroying the records, the employer committed an offence under PIPAs section 59(1) (c), as the records were destroyed with the intention of evading the request for the accessing the information. Also, the employer cannot fire employee D, or demote him or even take some negative action against him for informing the Commissioner regarding its activities (Service Alberta, 2010). In case the employer takes some adverse action against employee D, he would commit an offense under section 59(1) (e.2), as the employee D had done so in good faith (Service Alberta, 2010). References Alberta Queens Printer. (2014). Personal Information Protection Act. Retrieved from: Government of Alberta. (2012). Privacy law. Retrieved from: Government of Alberta. (2016). Overview. Retrieved from: Government of Alberta. (2017). Overview. Retrieved from: Law Society of Alberta. (2010). Privacy Legislation and Model Privacy Policies. Retrieved from: OIPC. (2008). A Guide for Businesses and Organizations. Retrieved from: Service Alberta. (2010). Personal Information Protection Act Information Sheet 5. Retrieved from:

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The Effect of Common Household Drugs on Circulatory Function free essay sample

An experiment was conducted to observe the affects of household drugs on pulsation rate. Since pulsation rate is such a simple physiological system it will be easier to observe a change. Lumbriculus variegatus (blackworms) were used to observe there pulsation rate. Blackworms were used do to absence of a respiratory system; they also rely on diffusion for gas exchange. Blackworms don’t have a heart there vessels are what moves the blood back in forward. Each open and closing is a pulse. In the first part of the experiment concentration of drugs were used (caffeine and nicotine). The nicotine and caffeine solution will have an affect on pulsation rate. Since it is already known to have other physiological affects. The alternative hypothesis is that the solutions will have no affect on pulsation rate. The solutions had no affect on pulsation rate because of the negative change in rate of beats per minute (table 1. We will write a custom essay sample on The Effect of Common Household Drugs on Circulatory Function or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 1). The alternative hypothesis is supported by the data found in the experiment sample. However there is an error due to the sample size is not large enough to apply to the population of blackworms. Overall there were no significant in the changes of pulsation rates that would conclude that the drugs had an affect. As seen in part one of the experiment it was concluded that similar result would be found. The extract will have no real significant affect on the blackworms pulsation rate.

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Free Essays on Western Worldview Of Abortion And My Personal Oppinions

There are very few issues that can cause as many heated and irrational debates as much as abortion does. The matter strikes at the very heart of an individual's religious and philosophical beliefs. Does a woman have the right to terminate a pregnancy? Is it moral to do so under any circumstance? Is a fetus a living human being? The debate has raged for nearly thirty years and there does not seem to be any end to the controversy that often results in violence. Irrational individuals have even committed murder to make their beliefs heard and followed. In response to the question, some people have resulted to using qualifiers: no, abortion is not moral except if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest is one response heard, in fact, some state laws contain this condition . A very large and strong contingent of people say a very loud and aggressive no, abortion is not moral, not under any circumstance and at least as many say a very loud aggressive yes, abortion is moral; it is the woman's choice regarding her own body. The issue of abortion is filled with emotion. Despite the well-expressed arguments and the seemingly reasonable reasons supporting abortion, abortion is not moral. It is taking the life of a living being and that can never be considered a moral act. As the Roe v Wade decision reached its 25th anniversary, in fact, there was a growing sentiment in this country that abortion is murder. Perhaps this swell of support against abortion is due to the realization that legal abortion has prohibited 35 million humans from being born . In her article, A Defense of Abortion, Judith Jarvis Thomson offered a number of reasons to support abortion. She also used a number of analogies to support her opinions. Thomson conceded the point that opponents of abortion make: a fetus is a person from the moment of conception but she said that abortion is morally permissible even it means killing the fetus and offered a number of analogies an... Free Essays on Western Worldview Of Abortion And My Personal Oppinions Free Essays on Western Worldview Of Abortion And My Personal Oppinions There are very few issues that can cause as many heated and irrational debates as much as abortion does. The matter strikes at the very heart of an individual's religious and philosophical beliefs. Does a woman have the right to terminate a pregnancy? Is it moral to do so under any circumstance? Is a fetus a living human being? The debate has raged for nearly thirty years and there does not seem to be any end to the controversy that often results in violence. Irrational individuals have even committed murder to make their beliefs heard and followed. In response to the question, some people have resulted to using qualifiers: no, abortion is not moral except if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest is one response heard, in fact, some state laws contain this condition . A very large and strong contingent of people say a very loud and aggressive no, abortion is not moral, not under any circumstance and at least as many say a very loud aggressive yes, abortion is moral; it is the woman's choice regarding her own body. The issue of abortion is filled with emotion. Despite the well-expressed arguments and the seemingly reasonable reasons supporting abortion, abortion is not moral. It is taking the life of a living being and that can never be considered a moral act. As the Roe v Wade decision reached its 25th anniversary, in fact, there was a growing sentiment in this country that abortion is murder. Perhaps this swell of support against abortion is due to the realization that legal abortion has prohibited 35 million humans from being born . In her article, A Defense of Abortion, Judith Jarvis Thomson offered a number of reasons to support abortion. She also used a number of analogies to support her opinions. Thomson conceded the point that opponents of abortion make: a fetus is a person from the moment of conception but she said that abortion is morally permissible even it means killing the fetus and offered a number of analogies an...

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Essay Question Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Question - Essay Example External factors are the forces that come from outside the financial industries and affect their normal operations directly or indirectly. In most cases, external factors are beyond the industries’ control. The management of financial institutions has no control over them. The factors demand a robust legal framework to regulate. External factors include demographic, political, technological the size of the industries themselves. The demographic structure is the composition and age of a population. The pupation is the primary market of the financial institutions. The age of population influences the financial services directly. The older and younger population is less productive to the financial institutions because they do not use the banking services very often. They are mainly consumers instead of investors. Some customers fail to honor their financial obligations such as timely loan repayment. The political environment has a critical role in determining the failure or success of the banking sectors. The government has direct control over the financial through central banks. The countries, the central bank, have the mandate to regulate interest rates. The government may also formulate policies that make it very challenging financial institutions to run their activities seamlessly. The state of political instability destabilizes the banking systems. Because of the advancement in technology, financial institutions face serious financial crimes ranging from money laundering to robbery of banks through technological means such as using guns to rob banks. Internal factors affecting the financial services industry are forces that emanate from within the industries themselves. The factors include industrial norms, ideologies, and management structures among others. Failure by the management to comply with the norms and ethics of the industries has a negative influence on the growth of the industry. The insider